God lives in perfect beauty - yet our world is often ugly:
with unhealed historical wounds, unfairness, hunger, longing.
The Good News is about God's perfect beauty and how it can
enter our world.

In the Omaheke, sandworld of many tribes, we learn to be
followers of Jesus Christ, who humbly yet in power from above,
ask our King to be good to us, in us and around us, till He comes.
Light for the Children Foundation (Namibia Welfare Organization 427) came about as 
many people flocked to the only town in the Omaheke Region, an area of 842 000 sq km., Gobabis. 
Half of the town's population now lives in shacks and of these people, some 85% is unemployed. 
Therefore we are ministering to them, especially the children whom we serve in a holistic fashion - the whole child with the whole Gospel - while we establish income generating activities with the help of a sister organization, Steps for Children. 
In distant parts of the Region, up to other regions in the East of Namibia, 
we establish groups of believers and help them to have the basic amenities and training to
be able to continue the work in their own context. Fir this, we need partners in prayer, in finance and 
in practical help. The roof (right) built in distant Gam, would not have been possible without the helping
hand of brothers and sisters, as much as the continuation of the work there needs helping hands. 
PEOPLE   that's what it's all about. Not numbers or abstractions.
"The whole Gospel to the whole person"
Since "Gospel" means "Good Message", we avail ourselves to our Father
so that He may make us a caring and saving group of people.
For that, we need more such people elsewhere to help us.

We depend on God as the birds in the air depend on Him.
To supply our daily bread, He uses people:
so that we may have the honor to be involved in His vision.
There are more than 40 schools in the Omaheke Region, most of them welcoming to the Good Message. 
One special school is Gqaina ("Big Tree" in the Zu/wa language) Primary, originally established as a church school in 1979, closed in 1989 because of the farm on which it was situated being sold, then 
re-established in 1992 on a larger scale. It caters mainly for San children. Because of the way it started, we feel it is still very important to maintain a regular ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the staff as well as the learners. 
To minister here, one needs to travel - to visit
co-workers, to train and help with each others' needs.

Often, in rainy times, roads will be slippery; in times of
drought, sandy. Fuel and repairs are a long way off.

These are the omuramba's - ancient river beds
flanked by dunes, unmistakable
features of this undulating landscape.

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